Level 1: Implant Placement

What is the Hands-on Implant Placement Curriculum?

This course is designed for dentists interested in getting started placing implants in their practice.  This course focuses on basic surgical principles and protocols for simple implant placement success.  At the completion of this course, doctors should have the knowledge and confidence to immediately start placing posterior implants.

Implant Placement Curriculum – Day One and Day Two

  • Concepts of Osseointegration
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Planning
  • Surgical Templates for Success Including Initial Planning and Site Selection
  • Review of Surgical Equipment and Procedures
  • Selecting an Implant System
    – Implant Design and Advantages
    – Hard and Soft Tissue Results
  • Free-Handed Surgical Principles
    – Prep and Check
    – Surgical Techniques
  • Guided Surgery Advantages
    – What is Guided Surgery?
    – How Has Cone Beam Changed Implant TX?
    – Restorative Driven Placement
  • Soft tissue Preparation
    – Punch vs. Flap
    – Flap Management
    – Closure
    – Healing Cap vs. Cover Screw vs. Temp Crown
  • Getting Started
    – Patient Selection
    – Patient Instructions
    – Treatment Notes
    – Surgical Tray Setup
  • CBCT Use in Implantology
    – Navigation
    – Implant Site Assessment
    – Guided Surgery Planning Using CBCT

Day Three

  • Live Surgical Placement
    Single Tooth Placement for Each Attending Doctor

Cost: $3,995
CE Credits: 20
Includes 2 Staff Members Free

IMPORTANT: The attendance of 2 staff members is included in your tuition. We strongly encourage you to bring staff as it will make the implementation much easier when you get back to your office.

If you want to participate in the live patient surgery on Day 3 (strongly encouraged) you will be required to submit to us the following 30 days before the course:

 • A current copy of your license and malpractice coverage

If you want to participate in the live surgery you are required to bring a patient. We require a CBCT scan of your patient in a DICOM format. Let us know if you any questions. If you cannot provide a patient, we can provide a patient for you for an additional $500. An implant and healing abutment will be provided to you for the surgical placement.

Eligible sites for your surgical patient are maxillary or mandibular bicuspids and first molars.